You’ve probably considered going down the standard letting agent route or even thought about taking on the work yourself, right? We understand the toss-up between saving money and living a stress-free life but what if there was a happy medium? Well, there is! Here’s why you should outsource your HMO marketing to us.

A Streamlined Process

So, you’ve invested in an HMO property and you’re starting to realise that finding tenants is a bit trickier than you had originally thought. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. That’s why we designed our streamline HMO marketing process to help you find your ideal tenants and, most importantly, keep them. Our six-step process will help you make the most out of your investment bystaying at 100% occupancy. All you have to do is pick a NEVO package, create an account, then sit back and relax while we find you a selection of perfect tenants. Let me guess, it sounds too good to be true? Well, the clues in our name! We keep things simple, my friend.

100% Occupancy is Our Forte

We know what your thinking… “Finding tenants is all well and dandy but how do I keep my rooms full?” Well, it all starts by fillingyour rooms with the right people in the first place. Unlike other propertymarketing services, we specialise in HMOs, room rentals and multi-lets. As aresult, we know exactly where to market your property to get the most tractionfrom the best prospective tenants. We don’t just shove any Tom, Dick, or Harryinto your HMO and hope for the best! Keeping your HMO at 100% occupancy is ourforte.

Simple Pricing Plans (With No Hidden Costs)

Now, you’re probably wondering what the catch is. Well,there isn’t one! If you’ve ever gone down the letting agent route before,you’ve probably experienced those pesky tenancy renewal fees and other hiddencosts. Don’t worry, we’re not in the business of draining landlords’ pockets.We offer three simple pricing plans starting at £15 per month (yup, you readthat right). Plus, we will always respond to tenant enquiries within thirtyminutes. So, not only are we an affordable alternative to other HMO marketingstrategies, but we’re also more efficient.

The Room Rental Marketing Experts

You’ve probably noticed that we’re pretty proud of whatwe do here at NEVO. Finding landlords’ perfect, long-lasting tenantsis incredibly rewarding. We completely understand that choosing who marketsyour HMO is one of the biggest decisions landlords have to make. So, think ofus as the match-makers of the HMO marketing world! Take some time to readthrough FAQ’sor get in touch if you’d like some more details. Let’s start finding you theperfect tenants today! After all, we are the room rental marketing experts.