Stay away from standard letting agents

It’s easy to see the appeal of letting agents. They take on the workload and you can just sit back and relax. Sounds like a nice life, right? Not exactly... Letting agents aren’t specialists in HMOs. They might have more success when it comes to single lets, but the truth is, letting agents aren’t a great option for marketing HMOs. Their prices are extortionate compared to online alternatives and, unfortunately, they won’t find you a better quality tenant. A lot of this is down to the fact that standard letting agents don’t know where to advertise to find the right type of HMO tenants.

Use a specialist HMO marketing company

So, if you shouldn’t use letting agents, what exactly should you do? Specialist HMO marketing companies are the best option when it comes to advertising your property. They have bundles of experience in the HMO market and will find you higher quality tenants that actually want to stick around. Want to know the best part? They’ll do it for less than half the price of a letting agent. Where do I find a specialist HMO marketing company you ask? Right here. At NEVO, we take the weight off of your shoulders and do all of the heavy lifting. So it won’t belong before you can put your feet up!

Dress your rooms to attract the best tenants

Our last top tip is an important one. So, you’ve found the most effective way to market your HMO. It’s almost time to crack open a beer and let us find you the perfect tenant. But before you do, make sure your rooms are dressed to attract the best tenants. This way, your rooms are more likely to get snatched up on day one. Happier tenants stick around, so put in a little bit of extra effort and it will save you time and money in the long run. Not sure how to dress your rooms? Check out our blog on how to dress your HMO rooms to attract the best tenants.

Advertising your HMO property doesn’t have to be adaunting task. Make the most of your investment by using a specialist HMO marketing company. As long as you’ve dressed your rooms to attract the best tenants, advertising your HMO property will be a walk in the park. Find out how our affordable HMO advertising services work here.