The HMO Group is a community for operators of houses of multiple occupation (HMOs). We come together to discuss various issues related to managing HMO properties. In this round-up, we'll highlight some of the most important discussions that took place within the community.

Members of The HMO Group discussed a range of topics related to managing HMOs, such as dealing with difficult tenants, rent arrears, understanding legal requirements, and maximizing rental income.

Deposits or No Deposits:

In this discussion HMO operators are being asked whether or not they value taking a deposit from their incoming tenants.


Damp & how to Deal with it!

Here is a post that got a lot of attention. Experienced operators give their tips on how to avoid damp.


Mould Question

Mould has been a big issue in the HMO community. We discuss how to prevent it.


When to use insurance

This operator had a major leak. The community come together to offer advice on what to do next.


EPCs and HMOs