How to use automated screening:

Please note that these questions are what you are asking the applicant. Our system will be asking these exact questions on your behalf to the applicant.

There are two types of questions we can ask applicants for your room:

  • "YES" or "NO"
  • "Number Below"

"YES" or "NO" type questions

Screenshot of the preloaded screening questions

  • You can see that you can remove the screening questions, if you think they are unsuitable - by clicking the "x" icon.

  • You can select the "desired answer" as being "yes" or "no"
  • You can add new questions by clicking "ADD NEW QUESTION"
  • You can also screen for numbers below a threshold, for example if you only accept minimum income tenant - then all tenants that fall below that will be screened out.
  • The important thing is that you own all the leads that come through. We just make sure that leads have gone through quick pre screening process.

Simply add your own bespoke questions that are suitable for you and your property.

A few notes:

  • Only ask "deal breaker" questions - i.e. questions (if answered incorrectly) would exclude applicants from renting your property (keeps the pre screening survey short).
  • Rephrase your question to a "YES or NO" question - for example if you do not rent to students and would like them screened out - ask "Are you a student?" then select the desired answer as "NO"

    Here are some example screening questions other HMO landlords use:

    Do you intend to have any pets in the property? (desired answer as NO)
    Can you move within the next month? (desired answer as YES)
    Do you intend to live here as a single occupant (i.e. on your own without partner/children)? (desired answer as YES)
    Do you intend to smoke inside the property? (desired answer as NO)
    Do you have any CCJs (satisfied or unsatisfied)? (desired answer as NO)
    Do you have any previous criminal convictions? (desired answer as NO)
    Can you commit to at least a 6 month tenancy? (desired answer as NO)
    Are you in full time work? (desired answer as NO)
    Are you over 21? (desired answer as NO)

If you have any problems, hit the chat bubble at the bottom and someone will help you out!