As an HMO operator, you may be aware that the Valuations Office Agency (VOA) has been targeting HMOs for nearly a decade. They've been treating regular bedrooms as separate dwellings, causing negative impacts on landlords, agents, rent-to-rent operators, and vulnerable individuals in the PRS.

Fortunately, Daryn Brewer and Wendy Whittaker-Large are championing the fight against these unjust practices, working tirelessly to prevent HMO operators from facing increased tax bills. Along with the HMO Council Tax committee, their efforts have led to several victories.

To achieve lasting change, they need your support. This is a unique opportunity to reclaim power from the VOA!

The VOA has been exploiting its "discretion" to reclassify HMOs and impose higher taxes on operators and tenants. Daryn and Wendy propose amendment NC7 to the "Levelling Up Bill," which is currently in parliament.

Your input is crucial during the ongoing consultation. To simplify the process, we've created a document with suggested responses that you can easily submit.

Though consultations may seem dull, like broccoli in the political realm, they are vital. We've prepared a "CHEAT SHEET" with ideal answers that you can use or adapt. Encourage your tenants to participate as well, so they can avoid the burden of unfair taxes.

By standing together, we can put an end to room rebanding and retain more of our hard-earned money. Let's demonstrate to the VOA that we won't be easy targets.

To access the necessary resources, click the link and enter your email address. You'll receive:

  1. A document with ready-to-use responses, which can be copied, pasted, and adjusted as needed (also available for download).
  2. A document for your tenants, allowing them to easily participate in the consultation.
  3. A video walk through of how and what to do.