As a landlord or HMO letting agent, finding tenants for your HMO can be a challenging task. However, one technique that has proven to be highly effective is group viewings. Group viewings involve showing multiple potential tenants around the property at the same time, as opposed to individual viewings. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of group viewings and how they can help you advertise and market your HMO.

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out

One of the most significant benefits of group viewings is the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) factor. When multiple people attend a viewing, potential tenants are more likely to make a quicker decision about the room. This sense of competition encourages them to act faster and avoid missing out on the opportunity. As a result, group viewings can speed up the tenant selection process, reducing the time and resources required to find suitable tenants for your HMO.

Time Efficiency

Group viewings are also time-efficient, allowing you to conduct more viewings in a shorter amount of time. Instead of waiting around for each individual tenant to arrive, you can schedule multiple viewings for the same time slot. This approach is particularly useful when you have several rooms to fill, as you can show them all in one go. By pre-booking viewings and selecting specific time slots, you can plan your calendar and make the most of your time.

Existing Tenants are not Disturbed

Another benefit of group viewings is that existing tenants are not disturbed as much. By scheduling viewings for specific days and times, you can limit the number of times you need to visit the property, reducing the disruption for your current tenants. Additionally, you can incentivize tenants to keep their rooms clean and tidy for viewings by giving them advance notice and a specific timeframe to prepare for.

Plan Cleaning Schedule

When you pre-schedule group viewings, you can plan the cleaning schedule for the communal areas around them. By coordinating viewings with your cleaning schedule, you can ensure that the property is shown in the best possible light. A clean and well-maintained property is more attractive to potential tenants and can help you to secure higher rents.

Incentivize Tenants

Group viewings also give you the opportunity to incentivize your existing tenants. By asking them to keep their rooms tidy and available for viewings, you can reward them with a small gift or financial incentive. You can also encourage them to leave the property for a short time during viewings by offering to buy them a coffee or tea. By being considerate and respectful of your tenants, you can maintain good relationships and keep them happy.

Tenant Showing Services

If you prefer not to conduct the viewings yourself, you can also use Viewber services to do it for you. Viewber is a company that provides a range of services, including property viewings. You can pre-book a Viewber to conduct the viewings for you, allowing you to manage your property remotely. This approach is particularly useful if you have multiple properties or do not have the time or resources to conduct the viewings yourself.

How to Conduct Group Viewings for HMOs

To conduct successful group viewings for your HMO, you should think of yourself as a tour guide rather than a landlord. Here are some tips for conducting effective group viewings:

  1. Stop at the right times in the tour and show off the best features of the property.
  2. Tell a story about the property and its occupants.
  3. Be open to answering questions and provide detailed information about the property.
  4. Encourage potential tenants to pull you aside at the end if they have any additional questions.
  5. Try to have a good 30-second to 1-minute conversation with everyone who attends the viewing.
  6. If there