#1 They are actually specialists

The main reason you should choose a specialist HMO marketing company is the obvious one - they are actually specialists. Unlike letting agents, for example, specialist HMO marketing companies really know their stuff. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s some quality letting agents out there… But by the time you find one you’ll be old and grey - just saying. HMO marketing companies specialise in HMO properties and HMO properties only. They have studied the market over and over again and know exactly where to advertise to get the best results.

#2 Specialist HMO marketing companies find better quality tenants

If you’ve been an HMO landlord for a while, you’ll know it can be a challenge to stay at 100% occupancy. The reason being, other room rental marketing companies don’t have the resources to find the right tenants for your property. If the tenant isn’t a right fit, guess what? They’ll probably move out. Specialist HMO marketing companies like to make sure that doesn’t happen. They only advertise your rooms to the prospective tenants that would be perfect for your specific property. That way, your tenant will stick around longer and you can put your feet up.

#3 They’re affordable

Letting agents are like the CDs of the HMO market. They still technically work, but there’s no real use for them anymore and if you’ve got Spotify, there’s no need to splash a tenner on the new Kings of Leon album. What I’m trying to say is that specialist HMO marketing companies are the Spotify of the property market. Here at NEVO, we have affordable payment plans, suitable for landlords with varying numbers of properties that can be cancelled at any time. Using a specialist company for your room rental advertising will get you better results for less money.

#4 Specialist marketing companies know where to advertise

Like I was saying, specialist marketing companies advertise your rooms in the best places to suit your property. This way, you’ll get better quality applicants that lead to better quality tenants. Because they know the HMO market better than anyone, they know how to get the best results. You will have more applicants in less time which means you’ll make money from your investment sooner.

If you’re new to HMOs then it makes so much more sense to use a specialist HMO marketing company. They can fill in the blanks in areas you’re unsure of. So, where can you find a specialist HMO marketing company? Right here, that’s where. Start making the most of your investment today and find out more today.