5 Tips for Photographing ResidentialProperties (Residential Property Marketing 101)


Creating incredible property listings is a cornerstone of effective residential property marketing. You want to grab peoples’ attention, showcase your property at its finest, and compel prospective tenants to arrange a viewing.

That’s where taking professional-quality photographs ofyour HMO comes into play! After all, a picture says a thousand words; even themost detailed, persuasive description of your property will struggle to deliverresults if the photos in the listing don’t do it justice.

Do you want to learn how to take better snaps of your HMO to attract new levels of tenant attention? Let us help! Get ready for 5 top tips that’ll take your residential property photography to a whole new level.

1. Prepare the Space

Ironically, one of the most important steps to taking amazing listing photos has nothing to do with photography. It’s all about your property instead. Basically, you want everything in your HMO to look its absolute best before breaking out the camera. Why?

Because it doesn’t matter how adept you are at photography if the space itself is dirty, untidy, or outdated! Anybody looking at the images in your listing will be distracted, put off, and unlikely to pursue it any further.

With that in mind, do everything in your power to reveal the full potential of the living space. From cleaning and tidying to repainting and redecorating, boosting your property’s aesthetic appeal will greatly enhance the photos you take of it.

2. Use Quality Equipment

Remember, prospective tenants will actively judge both you and your property based on these photos. So put your smartphone away! Now’s not the time for gloomy, blurred, and pixelated pics. This task calls for a professional camera to deliver the highest levels of detail and quality.

You could even consider hiring a professionalphotographer to help. With all the gear and technical insight required, you’resure to end up with a better outcome. Sure, they’ll charge for the service, butit’ll pay for itself in terms of attracting new interest from prospectivetenants who see the listing.

3. Use a Tripod& Wide-Angle Lens

Small spaces and shaky hands can scupper a landlord’sattempts at taking awesome photos of their property! Know the struggle? Well, awide angle lens and a tripod will both make a big difference.

Indeed, wide-angle lenses allow you to capture far more detail in small, awkwardly-shaped rooms; a single picture can reveal the entire space, without cutting any elements out. Place the camera on a tripod and you no longer have to worry about blurry images- regardless of the length of your exposure. All told, putting these gizmos to work should deliver far superior results!

4. Leverage Natural Light

It’s hard to overstate the value of lighting when itcomes to photography. No matter where you are, how good your camera is, or whatyou’re photographing, the scene will never be depicted in full glory if thelight’s bad. The best photos require soft, natural lighting- and lots of it.

With that in mind, avoid shooting snaps of yourproperty in low or artificial light. Wait until daytime on a glorious sunnyafternoon, allow the sunlight to flood in, and away you go! The photos willcome out better and you’ll showpeople how light and airy the living space can be (another major selling pointfor anybody hunting for a home).

5. Edit thecPhotos

It’s always tempting to upload new residential property photos straight into listings. However, we suggest taking one last step and editing them beforehand. This allows you to add the finishing touches and make your snaps really stand out from the competition. Trust us, a subtle alteration to a photo’s composition, or its level of light, contrast and saturation, can take it from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

If you hire a pro photographer, then they can and should do the editing for you. Landlords who go solo, though, may have to download some photo-editing software for the task. Thankfully, there are plenty of free options out there (such as GIMP) that can do the job.

Remember These Residential Property Marketing & Photography Tips

Including incredible photos in your HMO property listings is one of the more effective ways to attract new tenants. Hopefully, the tips in this post will help you do it! Put them into action and you’re sure to see significant improvements in the standard of your photography.

However, in and of itself, taking amazing pictures or your property will never attract new tenants. The next pivotal part of the process is to market those new and improved listings to prospective renters! Only then will you see the ROI on your efforts. Do you want some professional residential property marketing support with this vital task? Contact us today to see how we can be of assistance.