1. Responsible

This one probably goes without saying but super responsible tenants are a godsend. Although you should do more than just check their credit score, this is definitely a good place to start. If they’ve got a history of paying bills on time and their employment history is gap-free, you’ve hit the jackpot!

2. Communication Skills

You may have already picked up on this one yourself. Taking note of your prospective tenant’s communication skills can help you to figure out what kind of person they are. If they’re on the ball, respond to emails in minutes and always pick up the phone then you know you’re onto something good. Plus, this usually means they are more invested in your specific property, therefore, the move-in process will be much quicker.

3. Preparedness

You can usually tell a quality tenant right from the get-go. If they show up to your viewing with their ID and references in hand then you’re onto a winner. Let’s face it, unless they’re first time renters, your prospective tenants should know the application process inside and out. The quicker you get your application in, the more likely you are to be accepted, right? So, someone who wants to move in quickly will be well prepared for the process.

4. Trustworthy

I mean, this one kind of goes without saying but it is one of the most important characteristics of a quality tenant. When you’re marketing your HMO, take note of how trustworthy your prospective tenants are. Do they show up on time for viewings? If they’re running late do they call, apologise, and let you know when they will arrive? It might be an obvious one but red flags are easily overlooked in the excitement of filling another room!

5. Honesty

Honesty is one of the best qualities a tenant can have. It’s not unusual for a renter to lie on their application in hopes of being accepted. At the time, white lies might not seem like a big deal but they can lead to much bigger problems. Maybe they tell you they’ve been in their job for a year when it’s only been eight months. Then, the next thing you know, you’re bleeding money because their rent is three months late!

6. Low Maintenance

As a landlord, there’s nothing better than filling your HMO with low-maintenance tenants. The last thing you want is to be called out to change a lightbulb, right? You can figure out whether your prospective tenant is low-maintenance by calling their previous landlord. If they tell you horror stories about unclogging their showers every two months then it’s hastala vista, baby!

7. Respectful

Filling your HMO with respectful tenants is the best way to go. If someone’s respectful to you, they will most likely respect your property too. More respect for the property equals fewer maintenance costs at the end of the day! Take note of how your prospective tenants address you at viewings, over the phone, and in emails, especially if they’re students. If your tenants view you as an authority figure, their less-likely to break the rules!

8. Tidy

As I said, it’s easy to get caught up in the success of your HMO marketing strategy. Although it’s exciting, don’t forget to check upon the little things. Give your prospective tenant’s previous landlord a call and ask if they kept the place tidy. If you plan on renting out more rooms following their move-in date, you should make sure the property won’t be messy during future viewings.

9. Longevity

Once you find your ideal tenant, you want to make sure they’re going to stick around, right? Longevity is the creme de la creme of qualities to find in your tenant. You can figure out how long your tenant might live in your property by reviewing their current circumstances. If they’re about to start a graduate job then you can be pretty sure they’ll stick around for a few years at the very least. On the other hand, if your tenant is in their last year of university, it might be a fleeting arrangement.

10. Local Ties

Local ties can secure you a long-term tenant! If they have family in the area, a relationship, or a long-term job then you’re set. Plus, it’s one of the easiest things to figure out during your viewings or interviews. Simply asking your prospective tenants whether they’re new to the area can tell you everything you need to know!

It’s Time to Find Your Perfect Tenants

Now you know the characteristics of quality tenants, it’s time to start marketing your property. Marketing your HMO can be a pretty stressful process. On one hand, you want to fill your rooms straight away but on the other hand, you want to make sure you find the right tenants for your specific property. Why not save yourself the headache and outsource your HMO marketing to a specialist company?

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