Frequently Asked Questions

What is NEVO?

We are a team of tech enabled, experienced virtual property managers dedicated to helping those responsible for self-managing HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation). We exist to relieve fatigue and landlord stress.

Is NEVO for me?

If you’re a self-managing HMO landlord, you probably know the feeling of your phone buzzing at 10pm on a Sunday or having a message coming through while on holiday. As tenant expectations continue to rise, it is creating a sharp rise in landlord stress and anxiety, and if that sounds like you, then we are here to help. We know that new tenant enquiries and dealing with property management queries can feel like an endless, thankless task, which is why we can step in and relieve the pressure.

Do HMO Licences now require a 24/7 contact number?

HMO licences are now requiring a 24/7 maintenance contact for licenced properties. We keep you compliant, for a very low cost per month.

What makes NEVO different from a Highstreet or online agent?

We are a team of professional, tech-enabled virtual property management assistants. Our focus is on filtering communications between you and your tenants, giving you a chance to catch your breath, expand your portfolio and relax. Our mission is to provide complete peace of mind that your communications are managed 24/7.

Is NEVO property management software?

No, there are already some brilliant solutions out there. Our focus is on HMO communications, and we use a combination of live agents and conversation AI to bridge the gap between you and your tenants. We provide instant responses on demand, removing the need for you to always be on call.

Do you work with agents / guaranteed rent operators?

If you have permission to manage and rent rooms within the house you’re advertising, then we want to work with you!

Why doesn’t NEVO collect rent, store documents, perform tenancy checks etc.?

There are lots of solutions out there that will help automate admin and store documents. We have a relentless focus on improving communications between landlords and tenants in the most affordable way possible. That’s where all our development focus goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Capture FAQs
I can advertise on Openrent myself…why bother with you?

Openrent is a brilliant tool, and they are an inspiration for us for how they have changed the game for self-employed landlords. Our goal is to help reduce landlord stress by focusing on communications between applicants and landlords, triaging all leads alongside booking in viewings.

I can advertise on Spareroom myself… why bother with you?

If you’ve got this far, you probably have listed a few rooms on Spareroom yourself already! Spareroom is a brilliant resource for HMO landlords and an amazing portal, and our mission is to make your ad spend more efficient, reach out proactively to prospects and triage all the incoming calls on your behalf. We then book in applicants to viewings and send reminders out!

How do you deal with “no shows”

We know the feeling of taking time out of your day, to show applicants around – only for them to not turn up! We send out reminders and ask for confirmations from the applicant hours before the viewing. We also try to book multiple applicants per slot, decreasing chances of a “no show”

Can applicant book a viewing?

Only those that that pass your specific screening criteria will be eligible to book in a viewing immediately. So you can be confident that applicants that show up at the viewing are suitable for your property 😊

How do you book viewings?

We take your availability for viewings, driving applicants to those time slots.

Can we screen applicants by any criteria?

Only those that that pass your specific screening criteria will be eligible to book in a viewing immediately. So you can be confident that applicants that show up at the viewing are suitable for your property 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

Call Handling FAQ
Can I get started with NEVO's "Call Handling" service?

We are in a private beta with this service. If you want to join the waiting list, please go to the contact page and send us a message and we will put you on the waiting list.