With landlord stress and anxiety on the rise, NEVO is the world’s first conversational Ai and omnichannel contact centre created specifically to support HMO landlords. We aim for NEVO to triage incoming phone calls and SMS/WhatsApp messages from applicants and tenants on your behalf. Helping to lower stress and keep you compliant with HMO licencing regulations.

Our innovative HMO contact centre works 24/7. Our experienced team will filter every request, taking care of those repeat questions that take up time and energy - only sending you the most important queries. We endeavour to give your tenants and applicants the very best experience possible, while reducing the mental health burden of having to always be on call.



After owning and operating a portfolio of properties in West London, we know all too well the impact landlord stress can have on your life. In recent years, applicants of houseshares have started to expect higher levels of service, more in line with modern brands such as Uber and Deliveroo. Not only are tenant expectations higher, but it is also a requirement of HMO licences to have a 24/7 contact for tenants.

We were self-employed and simply didn’t have the capacity to always be “on-call”. After discussing with others in similar positions, we quickly realised that landlord anxiety was an issue for most of our peers, leading to increased stress and burnout.

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